A Little Jing-a-Ling

by Scott Wilcox

Released 2011
Bear Creek Records
Released 2011
Bear Creek Records
A Little Jing-a-Ling is the first Christmas CD from Scott Wilcox and Bear Creek Recording. It includes four of Scott's original Christmas songs and six Christmas songs you'll recognize, but have an unusual twist.
This Christmas Scott wilcox has his very first Christmas CD. It's called A Little Jing-a-Ling. According to Scott that one of the thing he needs this Christmas to make it just right. He's gonna need some holly, some good times, some mistletoe and some friends he knows and a pocket full of rhymes. He's gonna need an old six-string and a little jing-a-ling, surrounded by friends he loves nd the god above and a little peace of mind. And then its Christmas time!

You are going to loves Scott's new original Christmas tunes:

Christmas Time will have you out dancin' in the snow. Its a contemporary country Americana song full of psycho syncopated rhythms and alive with Christmas spirit.

Comin' Home is a romantic song about a couple that was separated before the holidays and he calls to promise her that he'll be home by Christmas day. He says, "Chill the wine, I'll be home in just a short time. Can't wait to see that look on your face." Tell my friends I won't see them till the weekend, cause I'm spending every Christmas moment with you. Wear that dress, yes, the one that always makes me confess, cause I've got only one thing on my mind. Comin home for the holidays."

Must Be Somethin' More has an unusual memorable melody that will stick with you all season. Must be something more asks the question, Is there more to Christmas than shopping and Santa Claus?

Christmas Morn, is a song that paints a picture of the morning Jesus was born and all the guests that were there, even the little drummer boy. It also offers a message for our present day and the purpose of Christmas.

Scott had a blast taking familiar christmas songs and injecting his own original style, in Swingle Bells, the song Jingle Bells is back and forth like the rocking of a moving sleigh. Its alot of fun and his wife thinks it sounds like a polka (but she's a Wisconsin native too!)

A Merry Little Christmas is Scott's arrangement of, Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, sung by Judy Garland written by Blane and Martin. Scott's Version starts traditonal and gradually gets more fun as the song goes, stick around for the end.

The only thing like the original in Away in a Manger are the lyrics. Scott pulls out all the creative stops on this song and you will love it!

A Song in the Air is Scott's version of There's a Song in the Air, a Traditional Christmas hymn form the 1800's. Scott's version is contemporary and beautiful in texture.

What Child is This has a traditional flavor with a rhythmical guitar accompaniment that will keep you waitng for every note.

Purchase Scott's CD, A Little Jing-a-Ling for yourself and all your family this Christmas, then go to Scott's Website and check out his other CDs, such as Love Notes or Locally Famous (Widely Unknown). Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holidays!