Love Notes

by Scott Wilcox

Released 2010
Bear Creek Recording
Released 2010
Bear Creek Recording
The era of the songwriter is back, this mix of soulful country, folk and blues brings back memories of bands like the Eagles and CCR. This back porch sound begs to become a legend with the kind of melody and lyrics that will be impossible to forget.
Scott's father was a radio disc jockey and program director in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict. His mother was a young nurse when his parents met in Madison in the early sixties and soon after, his sister Lisa was born in Alaska during the greatest earthquake of our continent in 1964. Scott Wilcox was born on an Air force base outside of Dayton, Ohio in 1967 and soon after dad was shipped to Vietnam. When his father returned from the war he went into commercial radio and the family moved all over the US. In the 17 years his parents were married, they'd moved 21 times.
When Scott turned 12 his parents filed for divorce. Scott was raised in a musical family full of band directors and choir teachers and he always felt as if he was the musical "Black Sheep". His life had been influenced by all the places and people he'd met , places like New York, New Orleans, Chicago and yes, Wisconsin. After he'd taught himself piano that Summer, he wrote his first song at the age of 12. He'd already become quite an accomplished drummer by the age of 12 and piano seemed to come very easily.
His mother raised her two children with little support from his father who had moved far away. Scott spent the rest of his childhood in the small town of Tomah, WI surrounded by his family and friends. It was during this time he formed a very close bond with his maternal grandfather Vernon Oftedahl. His grandpa always had a story to tell, whether it was stories about being captured by the Germans in WII or the days of playing trumpet with drummer Gene Krupa and his amazing big band sound. Scott's songs usually revolved around his adolescent life and the love he'd recently lost or gained, but his early work set the foundation for a life of composing.
Through his teenage years he'd played with a number of bands, some good, some... not so much. Bands with names like Risk, Onslaught, The Backwoods Band, White Horse and many others with names and genres as diverse as the life he had already lived. As he grew older he began to stretch his creative limits and to write songs that appealed to people on an emotional level, but from an angle they might not have considered. He experimented with Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Motown sound, Folk and Country.
Scott was married in 1993 to his college sweetheart, a beautiful blue-eyed red-headed farm girl from Wisconsin. Brenda and Scott moved to Milwaukee then all the way to Mobile, AL where they had their first two children Kayla and Laura. They spent five years on the gulf coast before returning to Wisconsin where they had their son Adam at the turn of the century. Scott continued to write while he worked in the field of advertising creating commercials and jingles for local, regional and some national companies. His wife Brenda, a nurse like his mother, worked at the local hospital and always encouraged his music.
With new experiences and new surroundings Scott wrote many new songs and picked up the guitar so he could more easily play his music with friends and family. Now he lives back where he grew up, in Tomah, WI. At 42, his music is still fresh and packed full of wisdom and insight, with a touch of humor for good measure. The best part is that his story has only just begun. Purchase one of his CD's today and join in his experience.
© 2010 Scott Wilcox